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Wiesbaden Around 1900

Walking through Wiesbaden means being surrounded by beautiful old architecture. Throughout the 19th century the city experienced a period of great prosperity that culminated around 1900. This book sends its young readers back in time. Each chapter features another main character on their way through the old city while maps help you to carefully follow their routes. Lage colourful illustrations depict popular places in Wiesbaden. Experience the city through the eyes of a tiny tourist, a wealthy school girl and a young servant. This book is my bachelor's thesis in communication design at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. This work has also earned a sponsorship award by the Johnannes Alexander Schroth Foundation in Wiesbaden. In November 2018 the book was published by the city of Wiesbaden and sold in local book stores.

Bachelor's Thesis

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